Friday, April 22, 2011

Three Sentence Story is having a three sentence story challenge. I'd never thought about doing this before and one popped into my head immediately. I really liked it, and plan to definitely do more!

Here's mine:

He took one last look at the girl with the sun behind her standing in her yellow dress and the shoes with the heels and wanted to say something to her before he went into the bank but did not. The went to the teller and gave her the note he wrote the night before and showed her the butt of his gun and after she handed him the money in the gray sack he turned and walked fast and got his hand on the door to push it open. The gunshots did not register in his mind until he saw the sun come from behind the girl and watched her face change before she turned and ran into traffic as his body went limp against the thick plate glass and his world went dark and cold.

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LINK three sentence story challenge!

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