Monday, April 4, 2011

Reviews and the self published author.

I'm officially a published author. The Good Life is alive and well for the Kindle.

Pretty soon it should be available for Smashwords, and the Nook. Got a few things to get finished before I can get those done.

I never realized how important book reviews were until I published a book. Good or bad, they really seem to be a necessity, especially on Amazon. Right now, even with sales, I don't have any reviews on Amazon, but my short story is still selling.

Red Adept Reviews did a nice review of The Good Life just after it was published and it taught me a few things about rushing the work, and skipping the editing process. I fully acknowledged my stupid, dumbassed bonehead mistakes and quickly gave it a good run-through and put up a second edition.

I admit that putting The Good Life out so fast was a mistake. It's a story I write a few years ago. I revised it a little and got so blinded by having fun the the Kindle format I put it out and ignored things I will never ignore again. I learned a lot from that review.

On a general note, I welcome reviews with open arms. I'm a fairly rational, reasonable guy and I am not jumping into the publishing business blind. I want to know what you think, and I promise to let the reader know what's going on.

As I see my job, as a writer of stuff I want you to enjoy, is to be 100% transparent. I create things I want people to buy and I don't want to sell garbage.

If The Good Life seems like it's up your alley, check it out. It's a good, short ride. I wrote it in the style of Andrew Vachss' short stories from Born Bad and Everybody Pays. I feel like I achieved what I went out there for.

And if you like it, write a nice review. If you don't like it, write a polite review.

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